About The Stories


The Amazing Stories book combines the best of what students and teachers are looking for. My belief is that listening, reading, speaking and writing skills improve most rapidly when students have interesting material to work with.

When students have enjoyable topics to read and speak about, they tend to get more involved and “come out of their shells”.  Parents are looking for both tangible results from English classes and  a fun experience for their child.  Parents want their kids to enjoy learning English, and that is one of the main reasons why I wrote this book.

Teachers will find that our stories lead to a more involved class, which makes for an easier and more enjoyable-to-teach class. The lessons in the book are written at a High Beginner to Intermediate level, suitable for students with a few years of English experience around ages 12 and up.

I hope you find the lesson both enjoyable and useful to teach.  Any and all feedback is appreciated as well.


Doug Karalius

P.S. Click on the link below to check out one of the stories!

Free Story! Batkid Saves San Francisco